Gaggenau experience the diffrence

Gaggenau is a small town in the Black Forest. This is where the company was established in 1683. The first built-in kitchen appliances that you could buy in Europe were created here in the early 60s. Their name: "Gaggenau". 


The Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH logo that still lives on today was developed at the end of the 60s. As with their appliances, it is influenced by the style of Bauhaus, an art school, which became a centre of classical modernism. With its simple and pure objectivity, the ideas of Bauhaus were considered a design revolution. The shape of things should henceforth be derived solely from their benefit.


The Gaggenau logo is clear and unfussy. The letters have a consistent stroke thickness and are based on the basic shapes of triangle, square and circle. This gives rise to an overall form, which in its rigour and clarity precisely reflects Gaggenau's claim to timeless design.

Gaggenau Hobs


Selected materials, unusual capabilities and a fascinating presence in the room — the Vario cooktops 400 series unites cutting-edge professional-standard technology for the private kitchen with sculptural design. For the first time, appliances from 38 to 90 cm in width can be combined directly adjacent to one another to form an aesthetic whole. Thanks to the precise machining of the 3 mm thick stainless steel, the appliances can be both surface-mounted with visible edges or flush-mounted.


The 200 series features a unique variety of perfectly specialised appliances in a small space, from classic glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops to special appliances for grilling, deep frying and steaming as well as suitable ventilation elements. The appliances combine to form an harmonious unit together with their overhead control panel made ​​of aluminium or stainless steel

Gaggenau Ovens


The ovens 400 series has a striking presence in a room — the appliance’s strong character is emphasized by the use of selected materials such as solid stainless steel. Protruding handleless doors that can be automatically opened with a single touch round off its external appearance. The series uncompromisingly brings modern professional technology into private kitchens.


The 200 series uncompromisingly brings modern professional-standard technology into private kitchens. The distinct look of the appliances is defined by the glass fronts and compact LCD control module with its simple use of menus. The ovens, combi-steam ovens and steam ovens in the series are complemented perfectly both technologically and visually by warming drawers, combi-microwave ovens or the fully automatic espresso machine.

Gaggenau Refigeration


Vario cooling 400 series is the first modular system made from fully integrated built-in appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine cabinets can be combined in countless variations to form an elegant cooling wall. The interiors of Vario cooling appliances are stainless steel throughout. Vario cooling appliances also sets new technical standards - they are the quietest in their class and nearly all of them have been awarded the energy efficiency class A+.


Vario cooling 200 series, every aspect of this series appeals. Even though the outer dimensions can be integrated into any standard kitchen, the interiors offer significantly more space than you would expect from appliances in the highest energy efficiency class. To maximise utilisation of space, the technology has been moved partly into the plinth. This innovative concept of use also comes as a free-standing version


Challenging the established, breaking the mould,

When and where this makes sense, in order to pave the way for new innovative ideas - this notion of the avant-garde is discernible with all Gaggenau appliances.

And it is the basis for their four main design principles that apply to all appliances: They are authentic, sculptural, present and generous.

Gaggenau appliances are authentic and present in every detail. Authentic in the choice of materials, present in their design language. Only using materials that are aesthetic and durable: Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass. Each appliance thus gets a completely unique feel. And impresses with designs that correspond precisely to its character.

Sophisticated product design always considers the effect of the appliance in the room. A factor that is more important than ever today, as kitchens are increasingly becoming the centre of the home architecturally also. Gaggenenau design language transforms appliances into sculptural objects, lending our products an incisive generosity.